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Water and Sewer

Water and Sewer

Water and Sewer Services are Billed Monthly

• Monthly water charges: Per 1000 gallons $9.00 (with a minimum charge of $27.00 per 3000 gallons)

• Sewer $ 26.00 (varies with commercial)

• Garbage $17.00 (residential only)

2016 Annual Waterworks Info

eNotices Now available for Utility Billing

The Town of Gull Lake now offers residents the opportunity to receive utility notices as attachments in an e-mail rather than by regular mail.
To subscribe see our Email Consent Policy and fill out the online form below:

Outside Water Restrictions

Outside water restrictions are in effect: EVEN numbered houses may water on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY; ODD numbered houses may water on TUESDAY, THURSDAY & SATURDAY. NO WATERING ON SUNDAY. Any person who violates the provisions of the bylaw shall be subject to termination of water service, and a fee of $100 shall be paid prior to reinstatement of services.

Drinking Water Quality and Compliance Report for 2014
2014 Annual Notice to Consumers.doc
2015 Annual Notice to Consumers.doc


Do you think your water bill is high? Did you know 90% of high water bills are due to toilet leaks?

Slow, silent drips of water can add up quickly. A toilet that continues to run can waste thousands of litres of water each year and can surprise you with a significantly higher water bill!

Sometimes you may have a leak and may not even know it.

Check to see if you have a toilet, or water leak:
1. Locate the water meter. Water meters have numbers or spinning dials which record water usage. Most also have a low-flow indicator (small red arrow or line), which senses any volume of water consumed. When water is running, the low-flow indictor should spin.

2. Turn off every item inside and outside the home or building that consumes water.

3. Check the meter. Watch the meter for a minute or more. If the low-flow indicator is moving, you have a leak.

Water and Sewer

Water and Sewer