Ladies Night Curling League Warm Up Supper

The Ladies Night Curling league will soon be in action and we thought why not have a warm up supper for everyone to catch up from the summer, or for those who are new and interested in curling!

Supper is planned for 6:00 pm  Tuesday, October 25  at the delicious Lilly’s. Everyone is welcome, whether it’s members from the past, current members or those looking to join a team!

For more information or to confirm your attendance see our Warm Up Supper Facebook Event Page.

The more the merrier!

CHR Institutes New Technology In the Region –

The Cypress Health Region have recently instituted a more secure way for delivering medications, fluids, and nutrients at precisely controlled rates through an IV pump. The piece of technology that will provide this service to the health region is…

Source: CHR Institutes New Technology In the Region –



Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Illerbrun and her Grade 7 class at Town Hall. The students are learning about the three levels of government (Federal, Provincial, and Municipal) and came to learn more about how municipal government works. I enjoyed my time with the students who were very enthusiastic and asked many interesting and engaging questions.

Big thanks to the Gull Lake School grade seven students for coming to town hall and all the good questions.

Mayor Campbell

The pioneer spirit of the old '76